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January 27, 2017

Lucinda Bliss, Tracking the Border, Common Street Arts

Hosted by: Common Street Arts

Tracking the Border is the culminating event of a year-long project supported by a Kindling Grant from the Warhol Foundation. The project focused on the artist’s navigation of the 611 miles that make up the Maine-Canada border. The resulting work takes many forms, including installation, drawing, and photography, all of which will be represented in the Common Street Arts exhibit, alongside other, related bodies of work.

Several years ago, Bliss’ passion for running began to influence her drawings–GPS records of her runs became source material for works on paper. This process then began to inform a range of approaches to considering place, environmental concerns, and issues of identity. Though the Tracking the Border project was initially inspired by global politics–Lucinda was in Paris during the attacks in the fall of 2015–throughout the year, her exploration became increasingly linked to personal questions about gender and power. Mirroring the conceptual shift, photographic processes became a more central part of the artist’s creative process.

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